Teatrino del Fare

many  things

Hot air balloon sidecar bike

This bike born in 2009, and you can see many things changed during this time. Since the first version we have drum brakes, 2 in the beginning, later one more as handbrake, 2.4 mm spokes, first version a Mosquito fork, then Bianchi Aquilotto fork, then handmade Earles fork, several ratio of transmision, fixed so is possible reverse gear. Bike + trailer was 4 mt long.

In the beginning was a "simple" blue sidecar bike used to transport show equipment. In 2012 a first restyling let it become a small "circus" with poles, flags, a trailer + trunk for equipment, plus many small optionals as smoking chimney, eating automatic teapot, all you need for a magician show.

In 2017 a new evolution due to a new show "Airship Pirate". Red color, 2 mt diameter hot air balloon + cordage, working rear proppeler on a trellis structure, Earles front fork, big front light group, foldable pedals, new handlebar and brake leverage, handbrake, bubbles machine, fog machine, a considerable amount of electric cables, optional a trailer for show equipment and an anchor.

This is the technical part, by the way an inestimable amount of hours, problems to solve,  and passion, joy for new solutions or new parts growing in my hands, a big satisfaction and still a pure pleasure in running it. I start this bike because of the new pipe bender that I bought just to prepare this sidecar. I'm in love with this bike.

In this new style has been used in many shows and parades by many theatrical companies.

You can see more images at www.teatromoro.it