Teatrino del Fare

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Ancient wandering craft bike

This bike born in 2013, and may seem a quite normal bike, it's not!

The total weight settled to go is about 50 kilos, so we need 2,4 mm spokes, transmision ratio is 32 : 24 (the chain ring is small as much the carter allow to fit), handmade fork reinforcement, coaster brake hub, wood pedal, hidden audio system. Just the rear rack and foldable bike stand are 6.5 mt of iron strap. The white painted rear fender is following the 1920 italian law concerning safety on the road! As law imposes there is the glass red reflector (called gem) on the rear. Actually is a tuna fish cap with plastic pearls painted in white and red, we are however talking about an entertainment bike!


Cyclists! The signals that your bicycle must be provided with, besides being necessary to comply with the law, will make your travels or your walks safer and quieter than they currently are! So immediately take care to have the whole side behind the seat of the rear fender of your bicycle painted in white and apply to it the yellow light that will illuminate your road and the red reflector that will signal your presence to others!

The bike is not fully complaining with the '20/30 law, as there is not the yellow front light, because of the front rack. This rack is the only original ancient part of this bike, easier to buy one than to do it.

A touch of modernity is in the audio system usb sd card reader (but '40 music) and the electric rear bubbles machine. Soap bubbles tanks are in painted plastic because soap dislike alluminium. Concerning the show equipment the idea is as little plastic as possible.

This bike is running the world enjoining kids, you can see more images at www.teatromoro.it