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Foldable Sidecar

2015 April

This is a foldable sidecar bike, and is for show purpouses of course. Originally commissioned by Otto Il Bassotto (a great artist and friend) the biggest problem was to be foldable, light, usable and strong enough for show use. In the beggining the idea was to inspire to the 1950's Watsonian sidecar, but was not the correct path, so I redo it three times before to arrive to the solution and correct compromise I was looking for.

Otto painted and used it a couple of times then give it away to another big street artist: El Bechin. Both travelling around the world, I confess the scenic set up by Becchin let me really surprised. Everyone image the hearse in black, red finishing, wood and so on. His one is much more original. He use this bike also for daily use without the set up of course.



 The Watsonian on a Gamage Gents bike