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Tall Bike Otto


This bike is coming from south America, unluckly the plate of the company get lost and I don't remember the name. Unluckly - too - it arrived used, badly modified and with some dammages. Otto Il Bassotto was the new owner and use it in his show, so there was the problem that this bike is tall, when you are riding among kids frequently you need emergency stop and fall down.

My first approach to this bike was to solve this problem out and the solution was training wheels big and removable. During the years I get involved also in trailer, front rack, change all the trasmition and his ratio, so many mechanical intervention in each part of this bike that in this moment I can assume that I touched every part of it, wheel bearings and spokes too.

The worse moment was in 2017, when a german truck park over it. I need to unweld all the rear part of the frame and change some pipes.

The bike is safe and still running with Otto all around the world!!!