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Pirate Ship

A long time agò (2005/2006) I was asked to build a pirate ship for a theater company, with reasonable techinical specification:

 "3.90 mt tall because it's for indoor shows, but maybe outodoor too, and only 4 mt long because indoor we have no space, but also 12 mt long because outdoor we have a lot of space! The mainmast it's only aestetich but we need one man to climb to the top, and of course must be tall but must be possible to split it in two parts, because all the ship must fit in a minivan. We invested a lot of money on stage costumes, we are not interested in scenography, we need it as cheap as possible. But impressive".

Usual coherent requests.

However I made it, I have no pictures of the whole structure but everything was in small parts and modules, so it was possible to add and take off parts from the ship, that was not a ship, was an idea of ship. But the most of the people told me that they saw a ship, so that's it.